Mezcal - Tom Russell

    En los montes de Durango
    Por las calles de Huachaca
    La caza en Iguala
    Pues al norte de Cuernavaca
    La encontre en Taxco
    Pues la nuevo de perdi
    Pero anoche la abrazo
    En la sombra del suneno
    En las alas del Mezcal

    On the blood red tiles
    Of that room in the mountains
    My heart wildly sang
    As her petticoasts fell
    Struck down by her beauty
    And the moon on her dark skin
    I prayed not to dream then
    Though I dream often now

    Deep down in the bottle
    El gusano is waiting (the worm is waiting)
    To teach us his knowledge
    Of women and love
    With worm, salt and lime
    I will taste of his wisdom
    I will drink to her memory
    Drink the golden mezcal

    In the hills of Durango
    Through the streets of Huachaca
    I chased her to Iguela
    Then north to Cuernavaca
    I found her in Taxco
    But I lost her somehow
    Now each night I embrace her
    In the shadow of a dream
    On the winqs of Mezcal

    Words and music by Tom Russell © 1985 End of the Trail Music (CAPAC) Administered by Bug Music


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