The Blind Man - John Kruth, Glenn Wolff

    oh the blind man
    on the street corner ain't really blind
    he's just an old fool
    hoping somebody will treat him kind
    he's saving up his nickels
    for a bottle of wine
    and telling crazy stories
    that gotta gotta gotta be lies

    he's got a seeing-eye beagle
    and a pair of dark glasses
    he plays a plastic accordion
    as all the people pass by
    sometimes he sells pencils
    or carries a sign
    he says "help me out brother
    won't ya slip slip slip me a dime"

    sitting in an arm chair
    smoking that stuff
    it never blows his cover
    and nobody ever calls his bluff
    he says "thank you" to your shadow
    and laughs behind your back
    then contemplates the tip sheet
    and takes a tac tac taxi to the track

    Lyrics by John Kruth Music by Glenn Wolff © 1979 zuni tunes


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words