One Night in Greece With an American Tourist - Clive Pig

    In all the years I've Known my good
    friend Victor Ridley, never have I seen
    a drop of alchol pass his lips. And when
    I asked him the reasons for his abstinence
    his reply was so good I later incorporated
    It into my children's story the adventures
    of Benjiman Beat, and turned it into this song...

    One night in Greece with an american
    with no stars and the moon
    and some friends on the beach
    a fire to cook fish
    a guitar full of sand
    so many bottles of drink
    we drunk, each one of us
    we raised toasts to our mothers
    we raised toasts to each other
    we praised God on high
    we praised everything in sight
    while the night loomed larger
    the sea grew louder
    and the fire went out and
    we were left high and dry
    I took the hand of the girl from
    New York City
    so we could leave the beach to be alone
    we climbed some rock and found a path
    stumbled on until we found a level
    patch of grass- she was beautiful
    she was raven haired
    she was tall but she could hardly stand at all
    she was beautiful, she was raven haired
    she was tall but she could hardly stand at all...

    One night in Greece with an american
    who said while I'm in Greece I don't give a damn
    with no starsin the moon and the sea far below
    She flung her hands round my neck and scrambled up my back
    I whirled her round and round eyes open eyes shut It made no difference
    We shouted at the top of our voices
    dizzy I'm so Dizzy then
    We came apart fell back reeling on our ass
    and I banged my head, that was me out cold
    I woke up in the morning a hundred years old
    I was stiff I was aching
    either dying or dead, if I'd moved to the
    left I would have been dead
    I was inches from death from a hundred foot drop
    looking up at me were the meanest rocks
    and the girl was gone
    I went down to the beach
    She was there
    There was no worry
    She was fast asleep yeah.....

    One night in Greece and I am telling you Benjiman
    I swore I'd never drink an alcholic drink again
    sure I like a smoke
    Thats not the same

    © by Clive Pig


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words