The Little Package - Brian Cutean

    In a little wooden cabin up in Arkansas
    the November moon was rising high
    I tried to write a letter to my ma and pa
    but the pen I was using went dry
    so i searched around the cabin
    for another pen or pencil 'til
    I hardly could believe my eyes
    I found a little package with a note that read
    pull the string for an amusing surprise

    So I took the little package out into the yard
    the moon had slipped behind the clouds
    when I gave that cord a pull the world turned inside-out
    and the trees and the sky laughed out loud
    and out came a little lizard with a matching coat and tail
    and his eyes as shiny as new dimes
    he said, "I came all the way to tell about the way things are
    you better make me plenty of time"

    So we sat ourselves right down around the big warm stove
    we pass the glass of water around
    He told me of infinity, America, divinity
    and all the good books he'd found
    then I showed him my kaleidoscope
    we sang some songs and talked of hope
    we watched the colored rings in the sky
    and we waited on the poch until the sun came up
    without even the sound of a sigh

    Well it wasn't long before that lizard had to go
    but he left me with a tiny blue seed
    he said, "Plant this and take care of this and watch it grow
    and you'll soon have more than you need"
    So I put it in a planter and I waited 'til the blossoms
    opened up in front of my eyes
    and from every single flower grew a package that read
    "Pull This String For An Amazing Surprise"

    Well that could have been the end but there was one thing more
    as soon as the word of those seeds spread around
    now there's gardens full of packages with strings to pull
    and lizards lounging allover town
    and a man came up to tell me how I could have made a million
    with the greatest invention since time
    and I laughed and said, "My number has been disconnected
    and I gladly refunded his dime"

    © 1986 Brian Cutean


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words