The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Burning the Ballroom Down
    1. Burning the Ballroom Down (James H.Brown Jr., Russell Smith)
    2. Jackass Gets His Oats (James H.Brown Jr., Russell Smith)
    3. Ashes of Love (Jim Anglin, Jack Anglin, Johnnie Wright)
    4. All That I Has Left (Left With You) (Jeff Davis)
    5. I Pity the Mother (When the Kids Move Away) (Russell Smith)
    6. Della's Long Brown Hair (Russell Smith)
    7. Out of Control (Billy Earheart)
    8. Red to Blue (When Dreams Come True) (Russell Smith)
    9. Spirit Walk (Russell Smith, James H.Brown Jr.)


    Barry Burton: Guitar, Vocals
    Jeff Davis: Bass
    Billy Earheart: Keyboards
    James Hooker: Keyboards, Vocals
    Butch McDade: Drums, Vocals
    Russell Smith: Guitar, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Barry Burton: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words