Burning the Ballroom Down - James H.Brown Jr., Russell Smith

    Hello girl
    Or should I say goodbye
    I know now by the look in your eye
    Though the years have treated you well
    And I know nobody else can tell
    I know why you`re here
    You can`t hide something like that from me, my dear
    I can almost read your mind
    You can`t go without saying goodbye and so
    Here we are
    Let`s have one more drink, they`re closing the bar
    I remember how we danced and romanced
    And hovered on the brink of love, when it was new
    I thougt my life began and ended these
    Dreams of loving you
    But then time began to make a difference
    Between what we say and what we do
    But it's not everyone who gets a chance
    To ever have a romance
    So baby please let`s dance
    Let`s have one more dance before
    Burning the ballroom down
    I saw myself in your eyes
    I was a king
    You whispered in my ear
    And I could hear the angels sing
    And now you`re smiling into my eyes
    Trying to deny all these things
    They`re just memories to me now
    And everything has changed somehow
    But that dont`t break my vow
    I loved you then and baby I love you now
    I don`t really want to know
    So when you gotta go just go
    But baby please don`t tell me no
    But baby please don`t tell me no,
    Give me one more dance
    But baby please don`t tell me no,
    "One more dance"
    If it`s not asking too much
    If it`s not asking too much give me one more dance
    Baby won`t you touch me
    I`m burnin`down
    One more dance
    Give me one more dance

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words