Red to Blue (When Dreams Come True) - Russell Smith

    A long time ago
    When I lived in dreams
    My love was in my dreams
    Strange as it seems
    She was like you
    I don`t know how but I swear it`s true
    Just like you
    And now we`re together and it`s all real
    And it`s all right
    Canīt tell you how i feel
    Being here tonight
    Oh my
    Please don`t laugh at my surprice
    My dream came true
    It`s so hard for me to realize
    That something i dreamed about is finally true
    It`s starting to dawn on me looking in your eyes
    And watching them turn from green to blue


    I know you love me
    And that`s funny too
    Ain`t that happens when your dreams come true
    I`m chasing rainbows, always have been
    Now I see what love grows
    At a rainbow`s end


    Think of me
    When the night is falling
    Watching the moonlight on the evening dew
    I`ll be thinking of you
    My darling
    Watching the sky turn from red to blue

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words