Jackass Gets His Oats - James H.Brown Jr., Russell Smith

    She wouldn`t make two mouthfuls of sandwich meat
    Looked like the kind of girl who`s drink more than she`s eat
    Still and all, her legs were long guess I`d better slide on over
    And see what`s goin on
    Looka here woman can`t you see
    You been doing this to me all evening
    Won`t you come and sit here a while and let me make you smile
    Honey child
    Ooh baby, don`t tell me no
    I been watchin`you ever since the second show
    Ooh, when you move that way
    You make me crazy, i don`t know what to say
    I got over the asian flu
    Had the measles and pneumonia too
    The mumps didn`t fall so here I stand
    Ready to be your man
    If I can
    Ooh baby, it sure turned out fine
    Let`s go quick before you change your mind
    Ooh outside I`m so bold
    I can see my breath but I don`t feel my cold
    And now we`re walking
    Hand in hand
    Down to the corner
    Out steps your man
    I look at you
    I look at him
    I run the other way yellin`
    I`m sorry jim
    I don`t know what happened this time
    I tought you were gonna be mine
    Don`t know my luck has changed
    I hope I`m out of range

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words