Spirit Walk - Russell Smith, James H.Brown Jr.

    When the spirit moves
    There`s no telling where it`s going
    Cause it don`t ask you
    If you approve of what it`s doing
    And your future is out of your hands
    So when you feel the spirit walk
    And you hear it talk
    You better be ready to change you plans
    When the sun is bright
    You can depend on your sences
    But when you lose that light
    Then you lose those defenses
    And live your life in fear of
    What you`ll never know
    Until the shadows fall
    And the darkness calls
    And into the shadows you will go
    Then you`ll find out
    But it won`t matter anymore
    And now that it`s too late
    I always wondered were you happy
    But the distance is too great
    And there`s no way for you to tell me
    And I might not even want to know
    But someday I must know
    So when I feel the spirit walk
    And I listen to it talk
    I don`t ask no questions
    I just go
    I don`t ask no questions
    I just go
    Some people say you got freedom of the will
    That all prophesies are self-fulfilled
    Some people laugh at the spirit voice
    When it speaks, you move, you have no choice
    But to walk
    Walking with the spirit, hear it

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words