The Amazing Rhythm Aces
Formed in 1974 in Memphis, TN by bassist Jeff Davis and drummer Butch McDade. Disbanded in a first moment in 1981 and reformed after 13 years in 1994.

From: Marco Giunco Archives

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What I Have
1975 Stacked Deck ABC RECORDS ABC 403 1LP 000027
1976 Too Stuffed To Jump ABC RECORDS ABCD 940 1LP 000028
1977 Toucan Do It Too ABC RECORDS AB 1005 1LP 000032
1978 Burning The Ballroom Down ABC RECORDS AA 1063 1LP 000029
1979 The Amazing Rhythm Aces ABC RECORDS AA 1123 1LP 000030
1981 Full House Aces High AMJ RECORDS 2LP 000031
1994 Ride Again Vol.1 AMAZING RHYTHM ACES ARA 1 1CD 002423
1997 Out Of The Blue AMAZING RHYTHM ACES ARA2 1CD 002735
1998 Chock Full Of Country Goodness AMAZING RHYTHM ACES 3 1CD 002943
1999 Live In Switzerland BLUE BUFFALO RECORDS BBO CD 001 1CD 003020

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