The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - February '84
    1. Next Door Neighbor (David Michael Roth) 4:38 - David Roth
    2. Lake Erie (Lydia Adams Davis) 4:33 - Lydia Davis
    3. The Preppie Anthem (Oscar Brand) 2:51 - Oscar Brand
    4. Legends (Sammy Walker) 3:10 - Sammy Walker
    5. Hands (Phil Ochs) 4:29 - Jim Glover
    6. Every Living Thing (Rod MacDonald) 3:24 - Rod MacDonald (*)
    7. I Don't Know Why (Shawn Colvin) 4:26 - Shawn Colvin (*)
    8. The Blanket (Jack Hardy) 3:54 - Jack Hardy
    9. Kandymann (Bill Bachmann) 2:43 - Bill Bachmann (*)
    10. Broad Old River (Pete Seeger) 5:17 - Pete Seeger & Clearwater Crew
    11. There'll Come a Day (Bob Killian) 5:39 - Bob Killian & Clearwater Crew
    12. The River That Runs Both Ways (Rick Nestler) 4:36 - Rick Nestler & Clearwater Crew
      All songs recorded live at SpeakEasy by Jay Rosen except (*) which was recorded by Mark Dann.


    David Roth: Vocal, Guitar
    Josh Joffen: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar
    Lydia Davis: Vocal, Guitar
    Delf Maria Hohman: Banjo
    Oscar Brand: Vocal, Guitar
    Sammy Walker: Vocal, Guitar
    Jim Glover: Vocal, Guitar
    Rod MacDonald: Vocal, Guitar
    John Kruth: Mandolin
    Tom Intondi: Vocal
    Shawn Colvin: Vocal, Guitar
    Jack Hardy: Vocal, Guitar
    Jeff Hardy: Bass, Vocal
    Chris Hardy: Fiddle, Vocal
    Howie Wyeth: Drums
    Bill Bachmann: Vocal, Guitar
    Frank Christian: Guitar
    Pete Seeger: Vocal, Banjo
    Dan Einbender: Vocal, Guitar
    Travis Jeffrey: Guitar, Vocal
    Al Nejmeh: Vocal, Guitar
    Steve Stanne: Dobro, Vocal
    Bob Killian: Vocal, Guitar
    Rick Nestler: Vocal, Guitar
    Steve Stanne: Dobro, Vocal
    Haryellen Healy: Vocals
    Rita Falbel: Vocals
    Dan Einbender: Vocals
    Joe Heukerott: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jeff Tiedrich: Graphics Director
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor, Graphics Contributiors, Contributors, Editorial Assistants
    Barry Fingerhut: Graphics Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Graphics Contributors
    Germana Pucci: Graphics Contributors, Sales Manager, Production Staff
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Editorial Assistants
    Gary Bohem: Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Contributors
    Bob Killian: Contributors
    Richard Meyer: Contributors
    Dan Mozell: Contributors
    Rick Nestler: Contributors
    Grant Ornestein: Contributors
    Angela Page: Contributors, Production Staff
    Brian Rose: Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Contributors, Media Consultant
    Steve Stanne: Contributors
    Ned Treanor: Contributors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Pat Cambouris: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Steve Alexander: Production Staff
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Jay Bird: Production Staff
    Marylin Lavender: Production Staff
    Tom Mcghee: Production Staff
    Jay Rosen: Production Staff
    Rob Strachan: Production Staff
    Bob Zaidman: Production Staff
    John Hardy: Cover Design
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words