The Blanket - Jack Hardy

    (Dedicated to the prisoners in the H-Block prison in northern Ireland)

    Life begins and life it ends
    all on this night of winter's woe
    hanging to their sacred pain
    the sisters scurry to and fro

    I await the child who's born
    wait to hold his blanket form
    I can fear the painful cries
    deep inside where I cannot go

    have you seen the child i'll hold
    blanketed against the coid
    leaving by that very door
    only a fool could ask for more
    can you please make his cries be heard
    kill his hunger with peaceful words

    outside the walls the winter falls
    blanketing the countryside
    the poor stay poor and the rich they hide
    the poor have children and the rich preside

    willie he taunts me when he's juiced
    that I am the father of his child
    I toss and turn the moral loose
    am I alone in pacing these halls

    and what shall I name this child of mine
    is it connor or brian or bridget devine
    hit former life a secret now
    be it criminal or saint with sacred vow

    these banal forms of colonial pride
    though naked he came from the maker
    well dress him in what clothes he likes
    and lower him in his cradle

    © 1984 John S. Hardy Music


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words