Next Door Neighbor - David Roth

    The moving vans were pulling into town last week,
    Loaded with one hundred brand rew friends,
    They've been looking for a place to live for quite some time
    But just where they'll settle down, that all depends...

    The problem is they have been known to be explosive,
    They cause commotion any hour of the day,
    Mr. Mayor, won't you call our nearest congressperson,
    'Cause I don't think we ought to let 'em stay...

    Don't want a missile to be my next door neighbor,
    Don't know of anyone who would,
    They're messy, they stay up all night, they're noisy and
    If they come, there goes the neighborhood...

    Our new neighbors, they are government supported,
    Everything they need they get for free,
    I might remind you all that we're the ones a-payin' for
    Mr. MX and his Mrs.' miseries...

    They used to say our little city was a melting pot,
    A shining model of democracy. well,
    If the new neighbors have an argument. we're all involved,
    And a melting pot's exactly what we'll be...

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Now I am not unsympathetic to the homeless,
    So if we've got to have them here at all,
    Mr. Driver, take your moving van to Main Street,
    And park those suckers right by city hall...

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1982 David Michael Roth, Roth Records (ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
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