the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - December '82 January '83
    1. Crazy Horse (Josh Joffen) 3:15 - Josh Joffen
    2. Here We Go Again (Michael Jerling) 4:01 - Michael Jerling
    3. L'impiegato (Germana Pucci) - 4:49 - Germana Pucci
    4. American Jerusalem (Rod McDonald) 5:52 - Rod McDonald
    5. Texas Blues (Bill Morrisey) 2:56 - Lucy Kaplansky
    6. I Will Keep You Warm (Paul Kaplan) 4:14 - Paul Kaplan
    7. Time is Only Make Believe (Stuart Andrews) 2:42 - The Song Project
    8. Someone Like You (Bob Warren) 4:17 - Bob Warren
    9. Crazy (Carolyn McCombs) 2:51 - Carolyn McCombs

    10. Recorded Live at the Musicians' Cooperative free Concert in Central Park, October 1, 1982
    11. High Sierra Range (Richard Nardin) 3:25 - Richard Nardin
    12. Tough Luck (Joey George) 5:00 - George & O'Brien
    13. Stompin' at the CooP (Joe Lauro) 2:48 - The Metropolitan Opry
    14. Revolution Merit Badge (Peter Spencer) 3:44 - Peter Spencer


    Josh Joffen: Vocal, Guitar
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Vocal
    Judy Zweiman: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar
    Michael Jerling: Vocal, Guitar
    Bob Warren: Vocal, Guitar
    Germanna Pucci: Vocal, Guitar
    Rod MacDonald: Vocal, Guitar
    Lucy Kaplanski: Vocal, Guitar
    Paul Kaplan: Vocal, Guitar
    Bob Warren: Vocal, Guitar
    Lee Warren: Vocal
    Terry Butler: Flute
    Carolyn McComb: Vocal,Guitar
    John Cisco: Bass
    Richard Nardin: Vocal,Guitar
    Teresina Huxtable: Accordian
    Joey George: Vocal,Guitar
    Judith O'Brien: Vocal
    Mary Reynolds: Vocal
    Lewis McGehee: Guitar
    Terry King: Violin
    Don Kieling: Guitar
    Joe Lauro: String Bass
    Snoozer Ouinn: Guitar Solo
    Peter Spencer: Vocal,Guitar
    J.E. Hoover: Bass
    G.G. Liddy: Handolin

    The Song Project are:
    Tom Intondi: Vocal, Guitar
    Bill Bachmann: Vocal, Guitar
    Lucy Kaplanski: Vocal
    Martha P. Hogan: Vocal
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Brian Rose: Associate Editor, Photography
    Gary Bohem: Assistant Editor
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Nancy Talanian: Managing Editor, Advertising, Photography
    Loren Moss: Art Direction
    Carol Ficksman: Art Direction
    Judy Ficksman: Art Direction
    Chuck Hancock: Graphics Contributions
    Jeff Tiedrich: Graphics Contributions
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Editorial Assistance, Correspondence
    Carolyn Lee Boyd: Contributor Editors
    Richard Chanel: Contributor Editors
    Charlie Chin: Contributor Editors
    Steve Hastings: Contributor Editors
    Randy B. Hecht: Contributor Editors
    Gerry Hinson: Contributor Editors, Photography
    Tim Intondi: Contributor Editors
    Josh Joffen: Contributor Editors
    Rosemarie Kirstein: Contributor Editors
    Rod MacDonald: Contributor Editors
    David Massengill: Contributor Editors
    Frank Mazzetti: Contributor Editors
    Grant Orenstein: Contributor Editors
    Angela Page: Contributor Editors
    Bill Ponsot: Contributor Editors
    Janie Spencer: Contributor Editors
    Peter Spencer: Contributor Editors
    Sherwood Ross: Media Consultant
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    LuAnn Barry: Sales Manager
    Jay Rosen: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words