Tough Luck - Joey George

    Frankie was a working man, only thing he knew
    Foreman on the fence gang, mud caked in his shoes
    7:30, hurry off in his pick-up truck
    Cigarettes on the dashboard, coffee in his cup
    Then he hurt his back, he couldn't work again
    Operations, Compensation, and Frankie's still in pain

    TOUGH LUCK, Mr. and Mrs. Grey
    Blue collar, white collar, make the same mistake

    Tough Luck, soon you have to pay
    You holler, I holler, the dollar walks away

    Sheila is a secretary, two kids clean her house
    She's been selling Avon since she lost her spouse
    He went back to the racetrack, a dream they could have shared
    He was so in love with his Thunderbird
    So they called in a referee to make the final break
    Lawyer made it neat and clean, took his dirty take

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Billy bought a brand new car, put his number down
    Moved into a house on the lofty side of town
    Rec room, bar, ate caviar, had parties in the pool
    Suburban ruse with nothin' to lose, Billy was looking cool
    Borrowed money made him soft and he could not keep It up
    A romance with his creditors, they never get enough

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Helen's getting up in years, no one to call her own
    She's looking through a window of tears since she lost her home
    When you go to visit her its enough to origin you down
    She thinks the Catholic Church is running her out of town
    Every other Friday she collects a welfare check
    She takes it out of her bank account when she pays her rent

    © 1982 Gorgeous Music Joey George


    Marco Giunco
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