Revolution Merit Badge - Peter Spencer

    Come gather 'round people, and listen to me
    I'll tell you a story of an armed robbery
    It's an armed robbery, boys, the gunmen all say
    They're fighting the system and that makes it okay

    They killed three policemen who served us with pride
    They preach liberation but three good men died
    Three good men with families, three good men with sons
    We paid them our money, they carried our guns

    Now there is a woman who knows the whole crew
    She knows where they're hiding, she knows what they'll do
    But she wouldn't tell us, she wants her degree
    To play "revolution" in the land of the free

    Now people I ask you, do you think it's right?
    To be the support of these cop-killers flight
    Are these people heroes? Shall this be our cause?
    You cannot free people by breaking their laws

    1982 Peter Spencer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words