The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - January '87
    1. Everything to Love (Geoff Bartley) 2:18 - Geoff Bartley
    2. Evermore (Carla Sciaky) 3:09 - Carla Sciaky
    3. Adam and Eve on a Raft (Peter Spencer) 3:41 - Peter Spencer
    4. St. Paul's Song (Pierce Pettis) 3:10 - Pierce Pettis
    5. Diamonds of Anger (Fred Small) 5:40 - Fred Small
    6. Say, Say (Pierre Millery) 4:54 - Pierre Millery
    7. The Few and the Proud (Barb Schloff) 3:03 - Barb Schloff
    8. Tania's Wicked Body (Peter Brown) 3:07 - Peter Brown
    9. The Unknown (Bruce Pratt) 3:20 - Bruce Pratt
    10. Three Drunken Maids (Traditional) 2:54 - Gail Rundlett
    11. 18th St (John Merino) 3:44 - John Merino
    12. Song For Jamie (David Seitz) 4:48 - David Rich


    Geoff Bartley: Guitar, Vocal
    Nan Donald: Vocal
    Carla Sciaky: Concertina, Vocal
    Peter Spencer: Guitar, Vocal
    Pierce Pettis: Guitar, Vocal
    Diane Chodkowski: Vocal
    Josh Joffen: Vocal
    Mark Dann: Bass, Guitar
    Fred Small: Guitar, Vocal
    Pierre Millery: Guitar, Vocal
    Barb Schloff: Guitar, Vocal
    Peter Brown: Guitar, Vocal
    David Bahssin: Bass
    Steve Newman: Keyboards
    Bruce Pratt: Guitar, Vocal
    Gail Rundlett: Dulcimer, Vocal
    John Merino: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal
    Debbie Rich: Vocal
    Dave Seuz: Guitar
    Peter Lewy: Cello
    Chuck Hancock: Flute

    Production Credits:

    Richard Meyer: Editor, Article
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Associate Editors, Article
    Christine Lavin: Associate Editors, Article
    Rosemary Kirstein: Associate Editors, General Staff, Contributors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    David Seitz: Recording Engineer
    Dough Smith: Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Coordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Ray Lewis: Marketing
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director
    Steve Key: Advertising
    Sherwood Ross: Public Relation
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Ian Schere: Computer Filing
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Archivist
    Josh Joffen: Record Review Editor, General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Al Schere: Submission
    Jack Hardy: General Staff, Contributors
    David Brown: General Staff, Contributors
    Jill Burkee: General Staff, Contributors
    Roger Deitz: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Irving Glazer: General Staff, Contributors
    Gerry Hinson: General Staff, Contributors
    Barbara Krinitz: General Staff, Contributors
    John Kruth: General Staff, Contributors
    Tom Nash: General Staff, Contributors
    Bob Norman: General Staff, Contributors
    Blaze Perillo: General Staff, Contributors
    Germana Pucci: General Staff, Contributors
    Robert Rodriguez: General Staff, Contributors
    David Roth: General Staff, Contributors
    Michael Schencker: General Staff, Contributors
    Robert Silverberg: General Staff, Contributors
    Benita Taylor: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Paul Lucchesi: Artwork
    Joe Brescio: Mastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words