18th Street - John Merino

    1) Sometimes I sit and think where I have been
    Wonderin' where I would go again
    Old friends will ask me why,
    I tell them I can't say
    Sometimes I just can't smile for days

    2) The sky has turned to blue, clouds have gone away
    The cat and I agree it's a lovely day
    Sooted birds are singing songs,
    The sun's heat warms the day
    Workmen moving old friends things away

    3) She kneels upon the floor
    Reading words upon the page
    Senses deep inside me say
    "A fool will gain his wit as comes his age"
    She talks about her loves before me, a sugar daddy line
    I wonder what she'll say of me in time

    1981 Words and music by John Merino Streetwise Publishing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words