St. Paul's Song ( 1 Corinthians 13) - Pierce Pettis

    If I spoke in tongues of men
    And spoke in tongues of angels
    If I could not speak with love
    I'd just be cymbals clanging
    Everyone would hold their ears
    They wouldn't know how to take it
    And not a soul would want to hear
    A racket so outrageous.

    If I spoke in Prophecy
    The fate of men and nations
    If I knew the mysteries
    And the secrets of creation
    And had all the faith I need
    Enough for mountains moving
    Without love to carry me
    Oh, what good would it do me.

    Love is kind. it suffers long
    It's never proud of jealous
    Love will never do you wrong
    Love will never fail us
    It hopes believes and bares all things
    It'll never be defeated
    More than faith
    More than hope
    Love is the greatest

    Knowlege, prophecy will fade
    And tongues will all fall silent
    But love that lives is here to stay
    Solid and defiant
    Though it's hard to see these things
    As through a dark glass straining
    When we're standing face to face
    The truth won't need explaining

    Words and Music by Pierce Pettis 1984 Let-Have-Lunch Music (ASCAP)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words