Tania's Wicked Body - Peter Brown

    Lies against the sand
    Honey colored tan on every side
    The subject of much study
    Causing heads to turn
    One man's heart is burning inside

    Now Jacques, he was a determined young man
    Plans a rendezvous amidst the waves
    Believing very hard in the magic of his charms
    On the beach in St.Tropez

    Tanya's wicked body
    Makes his mouth go dry
    She takes a towel to dry from his hand
    But Tanya's only hobby
    Is way up in the sky
    She's here to maximize her tan

    But he's got a big yacht in the trunk of his car
    He can blow it up and go sailing on the bay
    She tells him without talking to kindly blow away
    Off the beach in St.Tropez
    On the beach in St.Tropez

    © 1987 Peter Brown


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words