Jerry Jeff Walker - Ridin' High
    1. Public Domain (Bob Livingston, Gary P. Nunn) - 3:29
    2. Pick Up The Tempo (Willie Nelson) - 3:48
    3. Like A Coat From The Cold (Guy Clark) - 3:32
    4. I Love You (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:46
    5. Night Rider's Lament (Michael Burton) - 4:55
    6. Good By Easy Street (John Inmon) - 3:10
    7. Pot Can't Call The Kettle Black (Billy Callery) - 3:06
    8. Mississippi You're On My Mind (Jesse Winchester) - 4:22
    9. Jaded Lover (Chuck Pyle) - 3:58
    10. Pissin' In The Wind (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:02


    Donny Dolan: Drums
    Kelly Dunn: Organ
    John Inmon: Guitar, Vocals
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Guitar, Vocals
    Robert Livingston: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
    Gary P. Nunn: Keyboards, Vocals
    Tomás Ramírez: Wind

    Production Credits:

    Michael Brovsky: Producer, Engineer
    Gene Eichelberger: Engineer
    Scott Newton: Photography
    Jim McGuire: Photography
    Hal Odum: Photography
    Melinda Wickman: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words