Pissin' in the Wind - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Pissin' in the wind, bettin' on a losing friend
    Makin' the same mistakes, we swore we'd never make again
    And we're pissin' in the wind, but it's blowing on all our friends
    We're gonna sit and grin and tell our grandchildren

    About the time I called this Guy it was four in the morning
    Teach me the words to the song I was humming
    He just laughed and he said that the ole grey cat is sneakin' down the hall
    But all he wants to know is who in the hell is paying for the call


    Now this Nunn called me up, it was eight in the morning
    Wanted to know how in the world am I doin'
    He just laughed and he said get together boy, and fall on by the house
    Some Gonzo buddies would like to play anything your's picking now


    Now we worked and we suffered and struggled
    Makin' our record till we got it right
    Now we're waiting on the check to come sneaking down the hall
    Like that old time feeling
    That we never should have ever put the record out at all


    That the answer my friend is just pissin' in the wind
    The answer is pissin' in the sink

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words