I Love You - Jerry Jeff Walker

    I've been a fool, fool hearted, stumbled once or twice
    You came and put me back on my feet
    Patchin' together all the busted pieces
    Of everything that I'd broken runnin' from me

    I love you, yeah I love you
    Some day we're gonna travel far away
    We're gonna roll all the way to la Louisiana
    Maybe we'll just roll around in bed all day

    I'd like to give you everything you'd want love
    Diamond rings for every toe
    Danglin' earrings for your fingers
    Big sparkling rocks for your nose


    Been so long, coming through to you
    Now it's nice restin' by your side
    Seems like everything rolled in a nutshell
    We got it all right here inside

    Chorus twice

    Cause gettin' out of bed just ruins my whole day
    Besides that the way I heard babies are made

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words