Mississippi, You're on My Mind - Jesse Winchester

    I think I see a wagon rutted road
    with the weeds growing tall between the
    tracks, and along one side runs a
    Rusty barbed wire fence and beyond there
    sits an old tar paper shack.

    Mississippi, you're on my mind,
    Missis-sippi, you're on my mind,
    woh, woh
    Missis-sippi you're on my mind.

    I think I hear a noisy old John Deere in a field
    specked with dirty cotton lint, and below the
    field runs a little shady creek, and there you'll
    find the cool green leaves of mint.


    I think I smell the honeysuckle vine, the heavy
    sweetness like to make me sick. And the dogs, my
    God, they're hungry all the time and the snakes
    are sleeping where the weeds are thick.


    I think I feel an angry oven heat, the southern
    sun just blazes in the sky. And in the dusty
    weeds, an old fat grasshopper jumps. I wanna make
    it to that creek before I fry.

    Chorus twice

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words