Steve Earle - El Corazon
    1. Christmas In Washington (Steve Earle)
    2. Taneytown  (Steve Earle)
    3. If You Fall  (Steve Earle)
    4. I Still Carry You Around (Steve Earle)
    5. Telephone Road  (Steve Earle)
    6. Somewhere Out There (Steve Earle)
    7. You Know The Rest (Steve Earle)
    8. N. Y. C.  (Steve Earle)
    9. Poison Lovers  (Steve Earle)
    10. The Other Side Of Town (Steve Earle)
    11. Here I Am  (Steve Earle)
    12. Ft. Worth Blues  (Steve Earle)


    Del McCoury: Guitar, Vocals
    Emmylou Harris: Vocals
    Ray Kennedy: Drums, Harmonium, Tambourine, Shaker
    The Fairfield Four
    Steve Earle: Guitar, Harmonica, Harmonium, Vocals, Mandola
    Dan Bolton: Guitar (Electric)
    Tommy Hannum: Guitar (Steel)
    Brad Jones: Bass
    Kelly Looney: Bass
    Rob McCoury: Banjo
    Ron McCoury: Mandolin, Vocals
    Michael Smotherman: Organ
    Dancing Eagle: Drums
    Eddie Spaghetti: Bass
    Roy Huskey, Jr.: Bass
    Rev. Brady Blade: Percussion, Drums, Tambourine, Washboard
    Ross Rice: Drums, Vocals
    Mark Stuart: Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin
    David Steele: Guitar (Electric)
    Renaldo Allegre: Guitar (Electric)
    Mike Bubb: Bass
    Jason Carter: Fiddle

    Production Credits:


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words