If you fall  - Steve Earle

    I saw you lookin' at that girl like that
    I saw her too boy I know right where you're at
    But you better be careful
    'Cause she ain't the kind you're gonna forget
    How much you wanna bet

    If you fall in love
    Nothin's gonna be the same
    You walk around callin' out her name
    Throw your heart down like a glove
    Push comes to shove
    You only end up lonely and blue
    Whenever she's away from you If you fall in love

    You gotta hear me talkin' to ya
    'Cause I'm your best friend
    And I'd hate to see you goin'
    Where I've already been
    'Cause I've been in love before
    And I won't ever be the same again
    You better listen to me, Jim


    There she is again
    She sure looks fine
    Boy, I know you're walkin'
    On a very thin line
    So I guess it's up to me
    'Cause your heart's not as strong as mine
    Well just this one time


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words