Poison Lovers - Steve Earle
    I was almost out of here

    Nearly left this time
    I saw you in my rearview mirror
    And I pulled up on a dime
    But nothin' ventured, nothin' lost
    You can't say we didn't try
    That is unless you weigh the cost
    Of every tear we cried

    Why do we do this to each other
    I guess we were always poison lovers

    If you could look me in the eye
    And tell me what you see
    Maybe you can tell me why
    I let you torture me
    I know that your lips are soft
    And they sing the sweetest songs
    But I've been listenin' long enough
    My heart has turned to stone


    Another time, another place
    Another wind to blame
    Cover every track and trace
    I'll find you just the same
    And even if we made our peace
    And went our separate ways
    You'd go west and I'd go east
    And we'd meet here in this place

    Chorus x 2


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words