You Know The Rest - Steve Earle
    Moses went up to the mountain

    To see what he could see
    Well he come down talking 'bout a burning bush
    Says 'This is how it's gonna be'
    He's scared to death
    You know the rest

    Columbus went down to the ocean
    In 1492
    He said 'Boys, I'm looking for India
    But America will do'
    Sailed to the west
    You know the rest

    Davey Crockett went out to Texas
    To fight at the Alamo
    Old Will Travis never told him
    Texas is in Mexico
    It's a bloody mess
    You know the rest

    Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads
    A guitar in his hands
    Well, the devil had him a guitar, too
    He says 'This is what you need man,
    You can be the best'
    You know the rest

    Well this song ain't got no reason
    Hell this song barely rhymes
    Well it come to me when I was asleep
    And it wakes me up sometimes
    I can't get no rest
    You know the rest


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words