Steve Earle - I Feel Alright
    1. Feel Alright (Earle) - 3:04
    2. Hard-Core Troubadour (Earle) - 2:41
    3. More Than I Can Do (Earle) - 2:37
    4. Hurtin' Me, Hurtin' You (Earle) - 3:21
    5. Now She's Gone (Earle) - 2:48
    6. Poor Boy (Earle) - 2:55
    7. Valentine's Day (Earle) - 2:59
    8. Unrepentant (Earle) - 4:31
    9. CCKMP (Earle) - 4:30
    10. Billy and Bonnie (Earle) - 3:39
    11. South Nashville Blues (Earle) - 3:39
    12. You're Still Standin' There (Earle) - 3:24


    Ray Kennedy: Guitar
    The Fairfield Four: Vocals
    Steve Earle: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
    Lucinda Williams: Vocals
    Ken Moore: Organ
    Robert Mason: Cello
    Richard Bennett: Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Harmonium
    Custer: Percussion, Drums, Vocals
    Carl Gorodetzky: Violin
    Kris Wilkinson:String Section, Arranger, Conductor, String Arrangements
    Lee Larrison: Viola
    Kelly Looney: Guitar (Bass)
    Greg Morrow: Percussion, Drums
    Mark Prentice: Musical Director
    Pamela Sixfin: Violin
    Richard Sturtridge: Design, Collage
    Garry Tallent: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Richard Grosjean: Violin
    Dub Cornett: Percussion
    Roy Huskey, Jr.: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Ric Kipp: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Logan: Vocals
    Siobhan Maher
    Rick Schell: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Ray Kennedy: Producer
    Lee Andrews: Photography
    Richard Bennett: Producer
    Peter Coleman: Engineer
    Richard Dodd: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Dan Leffler: Assistant Engineer
    Terry Robertson: Design
    James Bauer: Assistant Engineer
    Nancy Lee Andrews: Photography

    Marco Giunco
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