You're Still Standing There - Steve Earle

    I've spent my life following things I cannot see
    And just when I catch up to them, they slip away from me
    I've been down a thousand trails I've never walked before
    I found out that without fail, they lead me to your door

    And the world keep turning round and round
    It leaves me hanging in the air
    My heart keeps turning upside down
    And you're still standin' there

    Lately I see all the signs, I feel it in the wind
    The same thing happens every time that you come back again
    I admit that there are nights when I sit up and cry
    But sometimes I turn out the lights and pray you'll pass me by

    Since you're gone my empty arms have nothing left to hold
    And your memory cannot keep me warm but it never leaves me cold


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words