More Than I Can Do  - Steve Earle

    I'm trying hard to let you go
    But it's more than I can do
    And every day or two
    I wind up right back where I started

    I'm trying not to let you know
    That I'm still in love with you
    I can't just sit home blue
    'Cause there ain't no rest for the brokenhearted

    Just because you won't unlock your door
    That don't mean you don't love me anymore
    No matter what you do
    Because you know it's more than I can do

    You told me that I got to stop
    But it's more than I can do
    And that ain't nothing new
    'Cause we both know that I'm crazy about you

    You said you're gonna call the cops
    But I ain't gonna run
    Because you're the only one
    There ain't no way I could live without you

    You left me just when I needed you
    So l ain't even close to through with you


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words