South Nashville Blues - Steve Earle

    I went downtown, it was just to ease my pain
    I ended up out walkin' in the rain

    I took my pistol and a hundred dollar bill
    I had everything I needed to get me killed

    Southside girls, they suit me just fine
    As long as I got money they don't whine

    The devil lives on Lewis Street I swear
    I seen him rockin' in his rockin' chair

    I start way up top of Lewis Street
    And I walk down to the end
    I start way up top and I walk down to the end
    I go way down in the bottoms
    And I come back up again

    Now Mama told me, Papa too
    They both talked ‘til they turned blue
    But I got them ol' South Nashville blues again
    I won't be satisfied until they lock me up again


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words