Pete O'Connell - Pete O'Connell

Stuff About Pete:
Pete is from Canada. Pete grew up in Ottawa. Pete took piano lessons. Pete learnt guitar. Pete drove taxi. Pete went to architecture school. Pete went travelling. Pete ran out of money didn'twant to go home. Pete played guitar on the street. People gave Pete money.
Pete met Andrea. Pete went back to Canada. Pete played guitar on the street. People didn't give Pete beruy much money. Pete built a One-Man-Band. Pete played it on the street. People gave Pete money. Pete married Andrea. She is from Argentina. She is a One-Woman-Band.  Pete plays music with Andrea sometime. Pete played in lots of different places in the world. Pete wrote some songs. Pete went to a studio and recorded them. Pete got a CD place to make some CD copies of the songs he recorded. Pete sells the CDs on the street in-between singing songs.
(From Liner Notes)

Stuff About Marco
Marco bought this CD on a street in Ottawa during is wedding travel after had listened Pete sing his song.
Pete where are you?

    1. Rhythm Run (Pete O'Connell) - 3:49
    2. Ruler of Rosebaby (Pete O'Connell) - 3:32
    3. Carving on a Tree (Pete O'Connell) - 3:27
    4. Cupid's Rebel  (Pete O'Connell) - 2:58
    5. Barrett (Marcantonio, Pete O'Connell) - 3:17
    6. Dizzy (Dugay, Pete O'Connell) - 3:45
    7. Drunks and Police (Pete O'Connell) - 3:36
    8. Poor Friends' (Dugay, Pete O'Connell) - 6:00
    9. Home  (Dugay, Hart, Pete O'Connell) - 3:09
    10. Legoman  (Pete O'Connell) - 3:47
    11. Silent City (Pete O'Connell) - 2:50
    12. Mistery Writers (Pete O'Connell) - 2:16
    13. Bring on the Toothless Tigers (Pete O'Connell) - 3:06
    14. Dawning Moon (Pete O'Connell) - 2:46
    15. Soft as a Petal (Pete O'Connell) - 4:01
    16. My Time os Slowed Down Tonight (Pete O'Connell) - 5:01


    Pete O'Connell: Vocals, Guitar, and all instruments
    Jamie Koffman: Drums
    Stormin' Norman: Harmonica
    Andrea Bonetto: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Vic Levak: Recording, Mastering, Mixing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words