Dawning Moon - Pete O'Connell

    Watching always the horizon
    Seeing only wild eagles

    Thinking choosing clothing then I
    Went into the beach hut and I
    Brought some laundry out to wash
    And hung it on a line out front

    Killing bugs and airing rugs and
    Falling on my knees to sweep up
    Then a long time squatting on a the toilet hidden in the trees

    Dripping wet and thinking of
    Electric time and I don't mind and
    Now it seems my clothes are clean and
    So am I a welcome stranger

    I read a book since there was time and
    Went back to some writing then the
    Sun went down and I admired it
    Through the wooden curtain then I

    Went outside into the weather
    Trodding to the ocean in the
    Twilight time I'm glad I came
    The moon it soon will climb above me

    Dawning moon you're your
    Earth mamma's pride and joy

    Ventured more I walked into the
    Wind and all the waves are flying
    Moon you've finally climbed above to
    Greet your visitor this evening

    Sailing sails and all the whales are
    Operators patching little
    Signals going to the moon and
    Back I'll wait here to receive them

    Dawning moon you're your
    Earth mamma's pride and joy

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words