Legoman - Pete O'Connell

    The sky was dark and far below
    The suburb slept all systems go
    And though all of the lights are down
    Through all the homes across the town

    It seems the kid's a leggo poet
    Building up some walls to live in
    Round the clock since Christmas day

    He's making now a plastic chimney
    That will later be a car
    The kid is such and architect

    Smoothing pieces round the table
    Choosing blocks he'll gently put
    A church into the city square

    He was made to feel this world is risky
    His wall's getting higher all day
    All to high his parents say

    And it's all so well combined
    That he's getting hard to find
    "Leggo men like me
    Are so hard to see"

    He's building streets all full of life
    And now he sees a shortage is starting
    "Dad, I need more leggo please"

    His parents at the door are pleading
    Sliding sets into the slot
    But he won't leave his room today

    He's just outgrown his baby-soother
    He aspires to be a man
    He's ready he's a leggo man
    Scattered pieces on the floor
    Are covering his bedroom now
    He's building blocks and blocks throughout
    To turn his room all inside out

    His scheme is so refined
    It's all so well designed
    "Leggo men like me
    Are so hard to see"

    The kid he takes a break and plays
    Withing his coloured portico
    He's building more and without fail
    Plastic toads croak through his city
    Miles and miles of blocks and blocks
    He's tall within his leggo walls

    The kid is out of sight
    He's building day and night
    "Leggo men like me
    Are so hard to see"

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words