the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - July/August '83 - Traditional Song
    1. The Lambs on the Green Hills (Traditional) 3:45 - Paul Kaplan
    2. Enlist, Bonnie Laddie (Traditional) 2:59 - John Roberts
    3. Do You Love an Apple (Traditional) 2:27 - Jan Henshaw
    4. Another Way to Find You (Chris Smither) 3:21 - Chris Smither
    5. Return from Fingal (Traditional) 2:26 - Ken Periman [The midi file is taken from Go Figure!]
    6. Bon An, Mal An (Gabriel Yacoub) 4:05 - Gabriel Yacoub
    7. Four Silver Rings (Peter Wilson) 3:20 - Peter Wilson
    8. Wondrous Love (Traditional) 1:36 - The Soldier's Fancy
    9. Sì Bheag, Sì Mhòr (Turloch O'Carolan) 3:34 - Mike Agranoff  [The midi file is taken from Wild Dismay's Home]
    10. The Wings of a Gull (Traditional) 3:22 - David Jones
    11. Elegy Early On (Robert Zaidman) 2:47 - Bob Zaidman
    12. Love is Kind (Traditional) 3:37 - Richard Fewtrell
    13. I Have This Love (Tell it to the Wind) (John Hodel) 2:30 - John Hodel


    Paul Kaplan: Vocal,  Guitar, Harmonica, Cuatro
    Mark Dann: Guitar, Bass
    John Roberts: Vocal, Guitar
    Jan Henshaw: Vocals, Guitar
    Chris Smither: Vocal, Guitar
    Ken Perlman: Guitar
    Gabriel Yacoub: Vocal, Guitar
    Peter Wilson: Vocal, Guitar
    Mike Agranoff: Guitar
    David Jones: Vocal
    Bob Zaidman: Vocal, Guitar
    Richard Fewtrell: Vocal, Concertina
    John Hodel: Vocal, Guitar

    The Soldier's Fancy are:
    Marie Mularczyk: Vocal
    Hazel Pilcher: Vocal
    Debra Cerruti: Vocal
    Jane Przybysz: Vocal
    Doreen D'Amico: Vocal

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Nancy Talanian: Managing Editor, Advertising
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jeff Tiedrich: Graphics Director
    Alan Beck: Graphics Contributions, Contributors, Editorial Assistance
    Carol Ficksman: Graphics Contributions
    Judy Ficksman: Graphics Contributions
    Barry Fingerhut: Graphics Contributions
    Chuck Hancock: Graphics Contributions
    Loren Moss: Graphics Contributions
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Editorial Assistance
    Hugh Blumfeld: Editorial Assistance
    Paul Kaplan: Editorial Assistance
    Gary Bohem: Contributors
    Marcie Boyd: Contributors
    Pat Cambouris: Contributors
    Gerry Hinson: Contributors, Photography
    John Kruth: Contributors
    Rod MacDonald: Contributors
    Richard Meyer: Contributors
    Marsha Necheles: Contributors
    Bill Neely: Contributors
    Grant Orenstein: Contributors
    Brian Rose: Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Contributors, Media Consultant
    Suzanne Szasz: Contributors
    Ned Treanor: Contributors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    LuAnn Barry: Sales Manager
    Steve Alexander: Production Staff
    Ruth Ann Bauser: Production Staff
    Jay Bird: Production Staff
    Tom McGee: Production Staff
    Judy Molner: Production Staff
    Emery Lavender: Production Staff
    Angela Page: Production Staff
    Germana Pucci: Production Staff
    Bob Withers: Production Staff
    Helen Withers: Production Staff
    Debbie Doyle Hennis: Production Staff
    Diane Chodkowski: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words