Four Silver Rings - Peter Wilson

    My baby's gone away,
    I sleep in the day,
    And I'm out on the town at night.
    I don't sleep well alone,
    So until she comes home,
    I guess that it will be alright.

    It was cold oUt today.
    She's so far away.
    I can hear her voice but I can't see her light.
    I dream of yesterday,
    And places so far away.
    I can hear her say in my ear it's a alright

    I held a memory today,
    Oh what a precious thing,
    Of a morning when she held me and she took my hand,
    And she gave me four silver rings

    Four silver rings, four silver rings,
    One empty bottle, and two songs to sing.
    My, oh my, what a glorious thing.
    And in the morning she gave me
    Four silver rings.

    1983 by Peter Wilson

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words