Elegy Early On - Robert Zaidman

    There's a stream running through you
    Its water's icy cold.
    There's another hand squeezing the hand you used to hold.
    And the way that you've been throwing
    I can tell you're growing older than your dreams.

    There have been five stores on the corner and it seems like yesterday
    You went down to Miami ,
    You were hoping you could play,
    But the Dolphins turned against you and maybe that made you mad.

    The winters in New York City
    Drive you right out of your mind
    But in the springtime the girls look so pretty
    They keep you up at night
    Fill you with delight

    You never thought about tomorrow
    When you were in your prime
    Life was one big party for you, baby
    Smoking and joking with your women so fine

    I just saw your old friend Sally
    And he said "It's going slow"
    He had a list a yard long of the guys that got let go.
    He still believes in Reagan and Sally had to sell his mother's car.

    Sometimes the notion hits you
    To grab a bus and ride.
    The wind blows hard at Atlantic City
    And your money's gone with the tide.

    Now you will never be a lawyer,
    You won't go far.
    You will never be a doctor
    With a brand new shiny car.
    You will never be the owner of
    Your very own vacant lot.
    You will never be an athlete or an astronaut.

    © 1983 by Robert Zaidman


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words