Mimi Farina And Tom Jans - Take Heart
    1. Carolina (Tom Jans) - 4:10
    2. Charlotte (Mimi Farina) - 3:29
    3. Kings And Queen (Mimi Farina, Tom Jans)
    4. The Great White Horse (Buck Owens, L. Scott) - 4:03
    5. Reach Out (Mimi Farina) - 3:33
    6. Madman (Mimi Farina, Tom Jans) - 4:00
    7. In The Quiet Morning (for Janis Joplin) (Mimi Farina) - 3:10
    8. Letter To Jesus (Mimi Farina) - 3:19
    9. After The Sugar Harvest (Mimi Farina, Tom Jans) - 3:28
    10. No Need To Be Lonely (Tom Jans) - 4:58


    Tom Jans: Guitars, Vocals
    Mimi Farina: Guitars, Vocals
    Craig Dorge: Piano, Organ, Electric Piano
    Jim Keltner: Drums, Percussion
    Laland Sklar: Bass Guitar
    Emil Richards: Percussion, Tamboura
    Edgar Lustgarten: Cello
    Russ Kunkel: Drums
    Sneeky Pete: Pedal Steel Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Michael Jackson: Producer
    Henry Lewy: Engineer
    Roland Young: Art Direction
    Chuck Beeson: Album Design
    Jim Marshall: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words