Kings and Queens  - Mimi Farina,Tom Jans

    I remember the day I met you darling
    The grass was so pretty and green
    Your smile was like a flower in blossom
    The best thing that I'd ever seen

    And there you stood with the sun on your shoulder
    I touched your long dark hair
    The wind stood still and I felt much older
    When it danced away with my cares

    Don't let your deal go down little darlin'
    Don't let your deal go down
    Place your dream on the king and the queen
    You don't need the joker around

    The fool may persuade you to beg, steal & borrow
    Or gamble your whole life away
    He'll tell you the meaning of love, joy & sorrow
    Then ask you not to betray

    Repeat Chorus

    I'll take your hand in the moonlight of summer
    At twilight i'll be by your side
    Out fate is designed by the love for eachother
    We'll create a kingdom of pride

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words