Reach Out (For Chris Ross)  - Mimi Farina

    There was a city boy,
    He had a smile like an angel
    He could make you laugh
    With a glance of an eye
    He used to dance around
    And act crazy as the devil
    But I never knew what he was thinking inside

    Reach out, make a littte contact
    Reach out, send a littte love
    You may think this life is trying
    But this is it, so do the best with it
    'Cause for now, it's all you've got
    Once in a time of need
    We had held each other
    He was so very dear
    That I knelt right down and cried
    When I heard
    the sad news from another
    Just awhile ago, he was so lonesome
    That he died

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words