the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - April '82
    1. When I Build My Home Sweet Home (Ray Lambiase) 3:41 - Ray Lambiase
    2. Small Town On The River (Bill Morrisey)  4:01  - Bill Morrisey
    3. El Hijo de Villanueva (Traditional) 2:41  - Cyinthia Gooding
    4. Gayle (Michael Fracasso)  4:06 - Michael Fracasso
    5. I'm Talking to You (Jimmy Bruno)  3:43 - Shawn Colvin
    6. Wild Willow (Josh Joffen) 4:13 - Josh Joffen
    7. Still Life (Nancy Lee Baxter,Bill Pezzimenti) 3:47 - Nancy Lee Baxter
    8. The Time Has Come (Elliot Simon) 6:23 - Elliot Simon
    9. Gallery 14 (Thom Morlan,Steve Miller)  5:19 - Thom Morlan
    10. The Great American Dream (David Massengill) 4:47 - David Massengil


    Ray Lambiase: Vocal, Guitar
    Jack Gakis: 2nd Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Pedal Bass, Acoustic Bass, Harmony, 2nd Guitar, 8-String Bass, 12-String Guitar
    Bill Morrissey: Vocal, Guitar
    Cynthia Gooding: Vocal, Guitar
    Peter Spencer: Guitar, Quinto
    Michael Fracasso: Vocal, Guitar
    Elliot Simon: Accordian, Harmony
    Shawn Colvin: Vocal, Guitar
    Josh Joffen: Vocal, Guitar
    Nancy Lee Baxter: Vocal, Guitar
    Elliot Simon: Vocal, Guitar
    Greg Simon: Bass
    Thom Morlan: Vocal, Guitar
    David Massengill: Dulcimer
    Jack Hardy: Guitar

    The Great America Dream

    Tom Intondi: Foreigner, Chorus
    Nancy Lee Baxter: Prostitute, Chorus
    Jack Hardy: Carpenter, Chorus
    David Massengill: Writer, Chorus
    Angela Page: Indian, Chorus
    Thom Morlan: Chorus

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Brian Rose: Editor
    Bonnie Blankeship: Editorial Assistant
    Tom Intondi: Editorial Assistant
    Gary Bohem: Editorial Assistant
    Arvin Lightman: Business Manager
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Assistant
    Rosemary Kirstein: Production Assistant
    Steven Brant: Production Assistant
    Sherwood Ross: Publicity Consultant

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words