The Time Has Come - Elliot Simon

    Line by line drawing in a frame
    Watch the portrait take form
    See yourself strung-out marionette
    Can you see any trace of the pretty, young woman
    That was there just a few years before
    Halls of grime, halls of crime
    Lead to a place with no room for regret
    House of needles knows no pains
    Floating, beaming, scream dreaming, carefree seeming
    Gallery 14

    Boredom builds in Babylon, freedom's just a short ride
    Long sleeves hide the tracks, radio belts out a summer song
    Station wagon's full, children packed inside
    Wait a while, stay and play, Mommy won't be long
    Look in my hands, see what I've brought
    Come on baby try some fun
    You're strong enough never to be caught
    That's for some other someone
    Getting hooked Is for the unclean
    We're only on a visit to Gallery 14

    Silver spoons and candles, such a ritual
    Self-portraits hung on the wall
    Voices yell to needle-held figures
    But the puppets don't hear them call
    Glace packets popping in a vain
    Heads sink into soothing comatose
    But before they reach into oblivion
    The doctor says they can all use another dose
    Everything becomes a dream
    Inside the walls and minds of Gallery 14

    Whatever you do, don't look straight ahead

    Sometimes I feel a weakness
    I don't know where to turn
    Sometimes I feel an emptiness
    I try; I can't discern
    Sometimes I look in the mirror
    r don't know who I am
    Sometimes I look at the puppets
    Had I can't pretend to understand
    Don't let there be a set of strings
    To pull me into that scene
    Gallery 14


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words