I'm Talking to You - Jimmy Bruno

    I was high and mighty
    For quite a long time
    Doin what comes natural
    Just to try to unwind
    Then I took the tumble
    Promises were mumbled
    The next thing that I know
    I wake up in this jungle
    I feel my heart is pumping
    To the beat of the band
    Certain things can happen
    That I'll never understand
    Everyone is glaring
    The saxophone is blaring
    I hope you understand
    I just can't keep from staring

    I'm talking to you
    I'm talking to you
    I'm talking to you

    I walk around town
    With this dime store smile
    Try to find a little comfort
    Try to show a little style
    Men try to fake me
    Others try to take me
    Till I'm never really sure
    Who is gonna break me
    I'm sitting in this bar
    And I'm almost broke
    Chokin' on emotion
    And the cigarette smoke
    As long as you can pay it
    The band is gonna play it
    I hope you understand
    But I feel I gotta say it

    [Repeat Chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words