Tim Hardin - Unforgiven

Tim was working on his first Lp in nearly 10 years when it happened. It was something to worry about even back in his early in the sixties when he was creating song classic such as "If I were a Carpenter" and "Reason to Believe" Inevitably on Dec.1980 it happened. Tim was gone.
Unforgiven represents his last works. 8 new songs never before recorded. Some completed others with lead vocal and basic rhythm tracks and 2 "work" tapes of Tim on vocal and piano recorded at home on his cassette deck. No over dubbing has been done so as to preserve the integrity of Tim's work and his personal involvement in it.
(From Liner  Notes By Don Rubin)

    1. Unforgiven (Tim Hardin, Ken Lauber)
    2. Luna Cariba (Tim Hardin, Jim Cuomo)
    3. Mercy Wind (Tim Hardin)
    4. If I Were Still With You (Tim Hardin, Jim Cuomo)
    5. Judge and Jury (Tim Hardin, Nicky Hopkins)
    6. Partly Yours (Tim Hardin, Jim Cuomo)
    7. Sweet Feeling (Tim Hardin, Reginald Butler, Ken Lauber)
    8. Secret (Tim Hardin, Ken Lauber)


    Tim Hardin: Piano
    Jim Cuomo: Piano
    Nicky Hopkins: Piano
    Ken Lauber: Piano
    Johnny Lee: Guitar
    Peter Grant: Pedal Steel
    Reginald Butler: Bass
    Ricky Fatar: Drums
    Denny Seiwell: Drums
    Jim Cuomo: Dombra
    Lisa Bialac: Background Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Don Rubin: Executive Producer
    Caroline Rubin: Executive Producer
    Tim Kramer: Engineer
    Matthew Katz: Cover Concept
    Pompa: Cover Art

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words