Secret - Tim Hardin, Ken Lauber

    I'm telling you a secret
    You reflect illusion
    Vision is the trick you use
    My angel mind
    Is loving you
    Vibrations speaking
    Deja vu
    And lost is me
    Without the dream you see
    Fo remember me
    In all you know
    Before I change
    One's enough for me
    To be at one
    With all I see
    I look through
    The warm and snowing
    Winter room
    Firelight shadows
    Fortune telling
    Fortune telling time
    A child asleeep
    A lifetine need
    To let the newborn
    Live to know
    And life will come
    To where I go
    And life will come
    To where I go

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words