Judge and Jury - Tim Hardin, Nicky Hopkins

    Now that you're leaving
    I finally got the nerve
    To point you to a painting
    Of you and your servant
    The facts of life are clear
    And we all know way down here
    You tried to steal it all
    And walk way in the clear

    You might think you are in the clear
    In the eyes of a judge and jury
    But I found you guilty
    Of perjury on the stand
    You take the Fifth Amendment
    As easy as you use a man
    Amd you you use a man so easy

    When it comes and come it will
    A time you judge yourself
    You will see in your life line
    No time for no one else
    Too busy with your scheme
    To get everything you could get
    Now you got it all babe
    And you ain't satisfied yet


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words