Bruce Cockburn - Sunwheel Dance

up on the hillside you can see the cross shine
out in the alley hear the hungry dog whine
you and i, friend, sit waiting for a sign
see how the sunset makes the lake look like wine.

    1. My Lady and My Lord (2:15)
    2. Feet Fall on the Road (2:41)
    3. Fall (2:58)
    4. Sunwheel Dance (1:42)
    5. Up On the Hillside (3:00)
    6. Life Will Open (4:06)
    7. It's Going Down Slow (3:35)
    8. When the Sun Falls (2:21)
    9. He Came from the Mountain (3:12)
    10. Dialogue With the Devil (or "Why Don't We Celebrate") (6:20)
    11. For the Birds (2:14)


    Bruce Cockburn: Dulcimer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Vocals
    Eric Nagler: Jew's-Harp, Vocals (bckgr)
    Ian Guenther: Violin
    Carole Marshall: Cello
    Gene Martynec: Piano, Guitar (Electric), Electronic Sounds
    Marty Nagler: Vocals (bckgr)
    John Savage: Drums
    Mose Scarlett: Vocals (bckgr)
    Anne Scarlett: Vocals (bckgr)

    Production Credits:

    Gene Martynec: Producer
    Bill Seddon: Engineer
    Bart Schoales: Photography, Cover Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words