UP ON THE HILLSIDE - Bruce Cockburn

    up on the hillside you can see the cross shine
    out in the alley hear the hungry dog whine
    you and i, friend, sit waiting for a sign
    see how the sunset makes the lake look like wine.

    over the mountain i can hear myself called
    i want to come running but my window's too small
    the cliffs are so high and i might fall
    what were you saying? -- oh, it's nothing at all.

    yes, the world's in convulsions and the weather is fine
    buicks get bigger and five cents costs a dime
    i must get going, you know, there's not much time
    the road is waiting and i'm running out of rhyme.
    up on the hillside, see how the cross does shine.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words