IT'S GOING DOWN SLOW  - Bruce Cockburn

    go tell the sergeant-major
    to get that thing repaired
    they're losing their pawns in Asia
    there's slaughter in every square
    oh --
    it's going down slow  (2x)

    go get the fire department
    to bring that hose along
    and them and the schoolboy bandits
    can water each other's lawn
    oh --
    it's going down slow  (2x)

    everybody seems to be leaving
    better say your travelling prayers
    it don't matter how you get it
    it's where do you go from there
    oh --
    it's going down slow  (4x)

    God, damn the Hands of Glory
    that hold the bloody firebrand high;
    close the book and end the story
    of how so many men have died.
    let the world retain in memory
    that mighty tongues tell mighty lies;
    and if mankind must have an enemy
    let it be his warlike pride,
    let it be his warlike pride.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words